Which hardware do you need? In order to mine a particular cryptocurrency, you will need a hardware device suited to mine that cryptocurrency's mining algorithm. Depending on the coin, you will either need an ASIC miner (computer exclusively designed for mining specific coins) or a PC with a powerful GPU (graphics card) or CPU (processor) in some cases.

Each coin requires different hardware (depending on the algorithm used) that may or may not be used to mine other cryptocurrencies! You must always ensure that your mining equipment is suitable to mine your chosen cryptocurrency. Mining cryptocurrencies with unsuitable hardware will either be extremely unprofitable or it won’t work at all.

Comparing mining hardware

For a comparison of ASIC miners we recommend asicminervalue.com. There are dozens of devices listed with complete specifications and profit estimates. 

Don't forget to check which algorithm the selected device is made for and which coins can be mined with it. For mining with Braiins Pool, you should look for:

  • ASIC miners that support SHA-256 algorithm for Bitcoin mining

General tips

We do not recommend any particular manufacturer. However, there are a few good pieces of advice which we can give you:

  • Be wary of suspiciously good deals for hashrate/price and unknown companies.
  • Consider the hardware's power consumption and the power bills you have to pay.
  • Later shipping dates usually mean that your estimated profitability will decrease due to rising difficulty over time.

  • Double check that the website url is correct before sharing your personal information or buying any hardware as some scam websites are set up at slightly different urls to impersonate manufacturers and resellers.