There are companies which own mining hardware located in their own facility and provide its hash rate to users for a certain fee. As a user of this service, you don't need to own the mining hardware (e.g. SHA-256 ASICs for Bitcoin), but you pay for a specific amount of hash rate for a specific time period. It's typically called a mining contract.

Note: Braiins Pool does not offer cloud mining services or investment opportunities! If you are approached by anybody claiming to represent Braiins Pool and offering cloud mining, it is a scam!

Read our blog article on the topic "Bitcoin Mining Scams to Avoid (Braiins Pool Impersonators)" for more information:

We strongly recommend that you properly calculate the financial efficiency before buying any cloud mining contracts. The cloud mining companies usually charge an additional maintenance fee and, in a lot of cases, the returns may be lower than the costs.

Alternatively you can buy your own hardware and mine with us.