Referrals, dev-fee split, & whitelabeling.

Braiins Pool

Unfortunately, we don’t run a referral program at the moment. Since Braiins Pool accounts are free and pseudonymous, it would be hard to prevent abuse of such a program.

Braiins OS+

The Braiins Partnership Program (BPP) offers a mutually beneficial relationship between Braiins and BPP participants. While we have an extensive network within the Bitcoin mining industry, we realize there are still many opportunities outside of our current sphere.


Partners offer us value through their own extended networks and can directly contribute to the growth of Braiins and our product suite. In return, Braiins offers financial incentives in the form of hashrate (i.e. devfee split) which rewards participants in a steady income of Bitcoin, the amount of which is directly related to the volume of hashrate received from the participant.


Braiins Partners can also white-label our firmware, Braiins OS+, and offer it to their network. Enjoy the benefits of running your own branded tuning firmware without the extensive development resources required to build it. Our expertise becomes your own.

Pool benefits

BPP participants also receive incentives in the form of reduced mining pool fees if they mine with Braiins Pool.