If your miner is not connecting to our servers please follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check if your HW supports the required hashing algorithm.

  2. Reboot your device.

  3. Double check the miner configuration to make sure that:

    • Your username is spelled correctly (username is case sensitive).
    • There are no whitespace characters in your config.
    • You are using the correct URL (e.g. Bitcoin pool URL for Bitcoin mining).
  4. Try all the different available URLs (some hosts might be unreachable in your region).

  5. Upgrade your device's firmware to the latest version. (Note: it is becoming common for some ASIC manufacturers to lock the SSH in firmware updates, so be careful about this before installing an upgrade.)

  6. Check your network settings, e.g. router security-filtering features.

  7. Check that your ISP is not blocking the relevant port numbers.