If you use multiple mining devices at a time, it is practical to have a detailed overview of each device. We offer a sophisticated solution in the form of user-friendly worker management. You can easily monitor and manage your miners in the Workers section. Our system is designed to handle even large farms with thousands of workers.

Worker creation

Once you connect a miner with its worker name configured, the name will automatically appear in the device overview as a new worker.

If you do not set a worker name in your device configuration, a new one will be automatically created with a name [auto] worker and your hash rate will be assigned to it.

Worker settings

The following settings are available for each worker:

Enable monitoring – The monitoring system will detect and report any hash rate issues related to the selected worker. Monitoring helps you supervise how your miners work over time and minimizes losses caused by connection issues or mining hardware/software failures. To find out more about the monitoring feature, read the monitoring manual section.

Auto detect alert limit – Automatically estimates the hash rate of your worker by its past activity. If you untick this, you can set your own Alert Limit. The system will report issues when hash rate drops below this value.

Use default minimum difficulty – The pool uses the VarDiff algorithm which automatically calculates the optimal difficulty for your device. If you untick this, it is possible to set the minimum provided difficulty manually, however we do not recommend this option unless you have knowledge of the technical background.

Labels – It is possible to create labels and assign them to the workers according to your own needs. You can create and delete your labels by clicking Manage Labels and +. There could be a shortcut, name, color and further description in every label detail. Assign labels by clicking Edit Worker > Labels > selected label > Apply.

Other options

Filter your workers – To have a better overview of your workers, you can filter them by their state, name, hash rate, minimum difficulty, alert limit or actual state.

Worker detail – If you open the worker detail by clicking on its name, the parameters of a miner and the settings will be shown. There is also a Recent Hash Rate graph displayed in the bottom section which can be very helpful for troubleshooting.