Account registration

Anonymity is one of the core values deeply rooted in our philosophy. Therefore, we do not collect nor process any unnecessary personal data, making our registration process reasonably simple.

You only need to fill basic information such as your desired username, e-mail address, and password on the signup page. Then, confirm the registration process by clicking on the link sent to your e-mail address.

Access profiles

In Settings > Access Profiles, there is an option to create various access profiles with different passwords and with different levels of permission to your account. Just click +Create New and choose from the list of possibilities.

Access permissions

Choose between granting full access or just read-only access to a selected profile. If you, for example, run a larger mining operation and do not want some users to change these settings, granular permissions are a great feature for you.

Allow access to web APIs

The user will be able to use token authentication in scripts or 3rd party applications. You can generate new tokens there.

Allow website login

The user will be able to access the main account on the website using the access profile name you choose (in [email protected] format) and password you set right there.

Account security

We highly recommend activating two-factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of security to your account. It can be done in the Settings > Security menu. After the initial setup, you will need to use the 2FA every time when making any important changes to your account.

You can either use 2FA based on the TOTP standard (mobile TOTP app is used to generate the verification code) or the more advanced U2F standard (via a hardware device/token like Trezor).

Username change

Changing the username is currently not allowed. You can, however, create a new account with a different username under the same e-mail address. Having multiple accounts registered with the same e-mail address is possible.

Account deletion

If you decide to close down your mining operation, there are two options. You can either leave your account as it is without signing into it or mining with it and the account will be automatically deleted after one year of your inactivity. The remaining balance will be considered as a donation to the pool.

However, if you decide to delete the account immediately, please always check if all rewards have already been paid to your payout address before taking any action. Then, request account deletion in the Settings > Accounts menu and confirm it via the confirmation link sent to your e-mail.