This value is used as a hashrate limit for checking whether your device works properly. If the effective hash rate of a worker is greater or equal to Alert Limit, everything is perfect and you will not receive any monitoring alert reports.

However, sometimes it can happen that effective hash rate drops below the Alert Limit. If your monitoring is enabled you will be notified by an e-mail and you can start acting accordingly. Such behavior is mainly caused by the following reasons:

  • Mining software does not accept difficulty assigned by our pool

  • Internet connection is not stable

  • Your mining device might have a hardware problem (e.g. overheating)

How to set the alert limit

  • Let the pool automatically compute Alert Limit for you. It is done once in 5 minutes and the value is set to 70% of hash rate average from the last 24hours.

  • Set it manually to any value from 0.5 Gh/s to e.g. 100 Ph/s or more.
    We recommend to set it 30% below the value of your expected effective hash rate.
    E.g. you expect your miner hash rate to be 1 Ths/s, the Alert Limit would be set to 700 Ghs/s.