With regards to the pool‘s Terms and Conditions, we take necessary safety precautions and reserve the right to permanently delete any accounts that have been inactive for at least 12 months on our servers. An account is considered inactive when there has been no mining activity nor a login into the web profile within the previously specified time. The funds from deleted accounts are used for technical maintenance of the pool.

To prevent any undesired deletion, the user will receive an email notifications 14 days prior to the actual deletion.

The main reason we set such rules is that the mining pool, as an online system, cannot be 100% secure by its nature. Pool service is therefore not supposed to be a long term storage for those who are mining with us or decided to stop mining. To safely store the coins long-term, we encourage our users to use secured wallets on their personal computers/smartphones or to use the TREZOR for a high level of security.

We would like to explicitly declare that from legal point of view, this service owns the mined coins until the user sets a payout address and the balance on the user's profile exceeds the configured threshold needed for payout.

Please make sure that you have correctly set your payout address and manage your payout threshold according to your needs.