All necessary information about the Funds, Financial accounts, wallets and payout settings.


Financial Account

A Financial Account is a place where your mining rewards are stored once confirmed.


The Funds tab is a part of the Braiins Pool platform where you can see and manage all of your Financial Accounts (where you receive payouts) and their available balances. 

Payout Rule

A payout rule allows you to customize when you receive your coins from your Financial Account. You can choose to receive payouts at regularly scheduled time intervals (e.g. monthly, weekly, or daily), or when you reach a certain threshold of coins (e.g. receive the payout as soon as the account balance reaches 0.1 BTC).

Reward Split

A reward split allows you to automatically split your mining rewards between your Financial Accounts. For example, you can send 50% to your primary payout account and 25% each to two other Financial Accounts (or any other ratio you choose for as many Financial Accounts as you’d like).


A wallet is an external destination — a cryptocurrency wallet address — at which you can receive your payouts from the pool.

Basic settings

Your mining rewards are distributed to your Financial Account(s) according to your Reward Split settings. By default, your rewards are distributed to a single Financial Account created during your signup. You can customize this to split the rewards among any number of Financial Accounts you desire.

Each of your Financial Accounts has customizable Payout Rules. You can choose to receive payouts to your wallet at regularly scheduled time intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Alternatively, you can choose to receive payouts whenever your account balance reaches a certain threshold, such as 0.1 BTC.

In all cases, our system will automatically send you the payouts as soon as the Payout Rules have been satisfied.

Alternatively, if the balance of your Financial Account exceeds the minimum payout limit, you may also request an Immediate Payout.

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